Advertising in Mobile Business Directory

Business Directory Advertisement Package 2014

Exposure of your company in the Mobile Business Directory will increase your business opportunities in Greater China, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It will amplify the outreach and visibility of your organization to potential contacts. We would therefore like to present you with several advertisement opportunities at attractive member rates.  

BenCham's Business Directory Mobile App:

Your advertisement can be shown in 2 possible manners:

- Full screen advertisement: This will be shown in full screen when starting the Web App.
It will be shown every time you start the app and will provide the best exposure for your brand and product! 

- Revolving banner at the bottom:
This will provide your advertisement with a distinctive location in the BenCham Business Directory Web App. 


You can see our detailed pricing list below. 

Business Directory Web App

Full Screen

Per Quarter

¥ 8.000

Revolving Banner A

Per Quarter 

¥ 2.500



Custom advertising is always a nice opportunity together with BenCham, do not hesitate to 
contact us.