Advertising in Business Directory

Business Directories

We are entering a new era of business directories, with the BenCham Mobile Web App. However, Bencham Shanghai and PRD Chapters will still provide their members with an all China printed Business Directory.

The Business Directory is a guideline into the Belgian, Netherlands and Luxembourg Business Communities and is updated on a yearly basis. It contains the detailed information of all our 350 corporate members, with a total count of about 800 individuals.


Exposure of your company

The printed version will be sent to the BenCham members in Shanghai and PRD, as well as to the Benelux members. The book is also for sale at a reasonable price to non-members.

By advertising in the business directory, you will reach Business Communities and increase the exposure of your company in China but also in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. This can broaden your business opportunities.

Special pages

Not every page is viewed as often as others, so more views means more exposure for your brand and product! As such, we use this as a basis for our pricing strategy which is as follows. There are special, limited and general pages to advertise on. For our Members, the special pages go from ¥ 8.000 to ¥ 15.000. Advertising in the limited pages requires an investment of ¥ 3.000 to ¥ 4.000. General page advertising goes for ¥ 2.000 with the possibility of an upgrade for an extra page for ¥ 1.500.

You can see our detailed pricing list hereunder. Customised advertising is always a nice opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can also get more information by viewing the pdf version for Members and non-Members.


 A: Accounting, Advertising, Agriculture, Audit / Tax services, Automotive, Banking, Business Services, Certification services, Computer / IT / Tech, Consultancy, Education, Engineering, Environmental Services, Facilities management, Financial Services, Food, Government Agency / Trade Promotion, Legal services, Logistics, Machinery, Manufacturing, Marketing / Market research, Property / Real Estate services, Relocation, Telecommunications, Trade & Distribution, Training
B: Aerospace, Architect, Asset Management, Aviation, Chemicals, Conference / Exhibition, Construction, Consumer goods, Cosmetics / Luxury goods, Electrical / Electronics, Energy / Oil & Gas, Health Care, Hospitality, Insurance / Fund management, Metals / Minerals, Nuclear Industry, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Private Equity, Retail / Wholesale / Sourcing, Security, Textile / Apparel, Travel & Tourism, Utilities, Other