BenCham is one of the most vibrant and active chambers in China. BenCham has a loyal Member basis but also non-members are keen to sing our praise and visit our events. This provides your organisation with ample opportunities to increase your visibility amongst our fan-base.


Yearly, the BenCham website attracts over 50,000 visitors. This past year, this included 20,000 newcomers, while over 30,000 visitors stayed loyal to our site.  With the new and improved site, these numbers are expected to grow even bigger.  Place your advertisement on our website and reach between 3 and 4 thousand people every month. 


Every month, BenCham creates a newsletter which is sent out to our members and database. In total, over 6,500 people receive the newsletter on a monthly basis.  Advertise in our newsletter by purchasing an advertisement place and promote your business within our extensive network.  

Business Directory

BenCham is an organisation based on a big network.  The core network - our members - are grouped in a Business Directory every year.  The Business Directory is sent to all our members every year.  Buy an advertisement in our Business Directory, and find your way into the offices of the most important Benelux Business People. 

Starter Kit

BenCham is developing a guide for entrepreneurs in China or “starter kit”, to offer entrepreneurs (both beginning and more experienced ones) concise information about making a company a success in China. The starter kit will be published in October this year and initially 2500 copies will be printed and distributed in both China and the Benelux. It will be written by BenCham members showcasing their expertise to entrepreneurs. Advertising in the starter kit will give you great exposure to a large target audience! Want to learn more about advertising in the starter kit? Please click here for more information or contact the Shanghai Marketing Department.

Event Sponsorship

Become a Special Event Sponsor and be present at one of our prestegious events.  

For more information regarding these advertising opportunities, contact our Communication and Marketing Manager in Beijing or Shanghai.