The key purpose of BenCham China is to extend your business knowledge and network.  In order to do so, we organize a range of events and activities throughout the year both for members and non-members.

BenCham organizes over 100 high-quality events a year.  BenCham highlights different event types, targeting different groups to reach as many people as possible.

• Business Events: Targeting business people, handling current topics and practical issues in China. The events are organised in various forms such as seminars, conferences, round tables, workshops, panels, etc.
• SME Events: Business seminars organised especially to address the difficulties of Small and Medium Enterprises in China.
• Young Professionals: Seminars that focus on the needs of young professionals in China.
• Networking Events: Events to bring together business people in a relaxed atmosphere.

For more information regarding our events, please contact our Event Manager in Beijing, Shanghai or PRD.


Event type:Networking Event
Date & time: 14 December 2016 18:30- 22:30
Event type:Breakfast Seminar
Date & time: 24 February 2017 08:30- 10:30
Event type:Business Event
Date & time:10 May 2017 18:00- 21:00
Event type:Business Event
Date & time:19 May 2017 09:30- 11:00
Event type:Interchamber Networking
Date & time:01 September 2016 19:00- 22:00
Event type:Interchamber Networking
Date & time:08 September 2016 19:00- 22:30