Press Release: BenCham Roadshow in the Benelux

19 June 2017
Press Release: BenCham Roadshow in the Benelux

Press Release: BenCham Roadshow in the Benelux

From May 29 to June 1, the Benelux Chamber of Commerce, Chapter Beijing, organized a roadshow to the Benelux with the mission to strengthen our partner network in the Benelux. On behalf of the BenCham, Mr. Frederic Derbaudrenghien, Vice-President of the BenCham Board of Directors and Mr. Brecht Timmermans, Deputy General Manager at the Benelux Chamber of Commerce were represented. 

May 29: Province of Antwerp, Belgian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Benelux Union

On June 1, the day started with a trip to Antwerp for a meeting with Ms. Alice Cooman, Advisor International Relations at the Province of Antwerp. Alice has extensive experience in China as she was also the Chief Representative for the Province of Antwerp in Beijing. During an open conversation, new ideas were shared on possibilities to cooperate, as well as important industries and sectors were discussed including the diamond, agriculture, creative industry, care industry, cleantech and the importance of the harbor of Antwerp. 

Following the trip to Antwerp, we sat down with Mr. Bernard Dewit, Chairman of the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. During the meeting, the partnership agreement that was signed back in 2015 and cooperation between our two organizations was discussed. Both the BenCham and BCECC are looking to organize more activities together and mutually promote each other. 

In the afternoon, in cooperation with the Secretariat General of the Benelux Union and BCECC, the BenCham organized an important stakeholder event. What are the consequences for Benelux entrepreneurs with a rapidly changing Chinese economy? This was the main questions discussed by around 50 participants from a business, government and university world.

The participants were officially welcomed by the Secretary General of the Benelux, Mr. Thomas Antoine, who emphasized on the open, trade-oriented nature of the Benelux countries and the importance of a visible Benelux. After the BenCham, BCECC and governments were introduced, as well as the Benlux Internal Market, the Sino-Benelux Business Survey was presented: an annual survey, which can serve as a barometer for the entrepreneurial confidence of Benelux entrepreneurs in the development of the Chinese Market. 

May 30: China Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

On June 2, the trip continued with a visit to Luxembourg. The morning sessions started with meeting Mr. Dirk Dewitte, President & Executive Director at the China Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ChinaLux), Sandy Wong, Operations Manager at ChinaLux, and Sophie Smith, Project Manager at ChinaLux. After learning on the rapid growth of ChinaLux in the past years, the main topic of the conversation was to establish both short-term and long-term goals on how the BenCham and ChinaLux can establish the bridge between China and Luxembourg. An exciting project that will be further developed over the summer months. 

In the afternoon, a fruitful conversation with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce took place and we learnt about their priorities, initiatives, as well as how the benCham could support the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in China. 

May 31 - June 1: BLCCA Academy

On May 3, representatives of more than 20 Belgian Chamber of Commerce abroad gathered in the province of Brabant Walloon, Belgium for the annual meeting also known as the BLCCA Academy organized by the Federation of the Belgian Chambers of Commerce. An intensive and varied programme had been developed, including a corporate visit to the Louvain-la-Neuve science parks where we learnt more about the plans for the Belgium-China Technology Center and an illustration of the internationalization of the Belgian food industry by the sectoral federation FEVIA.

On June 1, there was a full day meeting with more than 60 participants. They represented 23 bilateral Chambers - from the Netherlands and Germany, through Morocco to Pakistan, and China - as well as the various local Chambers of Commerce in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Representatives of the regions and the FPS Foreign Affairs was also present.

BenCham, the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China

BENCHAM is a member driven organization, providing the best business network to facilitate doing business between Benelux and China. Based in China, BENCHAM has three chapters in Beijing, Shanghai and PRD, providing its members with high quality connections and shares knowledge and best practices to help improve their business in different areas in China. in 2005, the Beijing chapter was created with the support from a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board, all highly valued business people in the Benelux community in China. 

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