Each Chapter is supported by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board, all highly valued business people in the Benelux community in China.

Beijing Board of Directors & Advisory Board
Articles of Association(English)
Articles of Association(中文)


Beijing Team

Deputy General Manager                          
Brecht Timmermans 

Marketing Communications Manager
Liam Jazcii 

Office Manager

Chloe Song 

Event Associate

Charlotte Poot 

Marketing Communications Associate

Iris van Dijk 





Contact Us

Room B509,

No.H2, Diyang Tower,

North Dongsanhuan Road,

Chaoyang District,

Beijing, 100027, China


Beijing Office Map
Tel/ 电话: +86 (10) 8523 6101/05

Fax/ 传真: +86 (10) 8523 6305
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